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Sleepless Nights 25 January 2012

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Happy Lunar Festival, I suppose.  I can’t say this is my favourite holiday, with fireworks going off all times of the day and night.  I’ve hardly had any sleep since the holiday began, and it’s only just begun!  Not only that, but to start off the New Year I received a lot of odd requests and demands, including a letter from D.E.H.T.A. which I will probably comment more about later when I have a more detailed response for them.  Needless to say, I will not be kowtowed (heh) by a bunch of druids.  Don’t get me wrong, I have great respect for druids in general, but D.E.H.T.A. seems to go to the extreme in their concern for the welfare of plant and animal life in Azeroth.

Speaking of sleepless nights and druids, the last time I did sleep I had the most bizarre of dreams.  I don’t remember much about the dream itself, but I do remember one thing: large, black and white bears.  Except they were anthropomorphic bears, like a bear standing on two legs.  They were white, but they looked like someone had punched them in each eye, since they had black patches around their eyes.  You would expect that these black-eyed bears might be some new druid form as of yet unknown, but they didn’t seem to be druids at all, more like a different type of warrior.  It was very bizarre.  I probably shouldn’t have eaten those leftovers as a late night snack the night before.  Anduin says that dreams can be prophetic, but I really don’t believe this is prophetic in any way.  I think this is more a lesson that one should be careful what they eat before falling asleep.


Happy Winter Veil! 15 December 2011

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Happy Winter Veil!  I just came back from doing my shopping for the season and I have to admit, the Celebration Committee has outdone themselves again.  The only decoration I would’ve liked to seew which was missed would’ve been a big Greatfather Winter hat on my statue outside Stormwind Keep, but maybe they can include that next year.  I think a number of the members of the Celebration Committee must be mages, because I noticed a lot of presents and trees in the portal tower of the Mage Quarter.   I mean, they could find spare decorations for the interior of a small tower but they couldn’t find some to decorate the interior of Stormwind Keep?!  Well, ’tis the season of merry sentiments so I won’t let it get to me.

By the way, I’m not supposed to tell anyone, but we have some special sweaters in store for the annual gift for citizens this year.  I think everyone is going to love them and help spread the seasonal cheer.  They could even be worn while attacking the Horde cities!  That would certainly bring a smile to my face.

The last thing I wanted to mention is that as with any major holiday, I suddenly find myself with more work as I try to take care of all official business so I can have some time with my own family.  It’s possible I might not be able to comment again on my blog until after the gifts have already been distributed to citizens, so I hope you all have a very Happy Winter Veil.  Rest and relax now because I have a feeling we are going to end up very busy in the New Year.

Mailbag! 6 December 2011

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I recently received a letter from a concerned citizen which I would like to address at this time.

The horde has been claiming territory left right and center, where they go your sure to find a new fortress and large pile of corpses flying alliance colours by the next morning, assuming those corpses havent had undeath forced on them and been recruited that is .Many agree that there is a single reason for the ineffective nature of the alliance war machiene; it struggles to act as a unified force while the horde unquestioningly follows the orders of their warchief.

There have been rumours that you have a plan to change this, that you intend to re-arrange the structure of the Alliance, placing yourself in total and utter command of all alliance forces. They say you plan on making yourself high-king. They also say that doing so will turn the Alliance into another Horde, with you as its warchief.

Do you have anything to say about these rumours? Do you plan on modeling yourself upon a horde warchief? Id be interested in finding out what your opposition had to say..

– A concerned citizen of Azeroth.

Thank you for your letter, “Concerned Citizen.”  The cataclysm flipped the world on its head and conflicts have been occurring between the Alliance and Horde which have certainly resulted in the Horde gaining an upperhand in some hard hit areas, such as Ashenvale.  With depleted resources available, there have been many efforts being made on both sides to establish the upper edge.  However, with the lives of civilians at risk from Deathwings daily annihilations, we in the Alliance have been working with the Dragon Aspects specifically to thwart that threat from the world.  Gladly, this mission has now been attained.

The loss of territory and the destruction of places like Astranaar has not gone unnoticed, I assure you.  Tyrande has been pleading for assistance in driving back the Horde for a year now, but we haven’t had the resources to strike back.  Now that we have our forces back in strength, we can call upon our heroes and strike back at the Horde and regain some of our lost territory.

Now, while I am currently considered the leader of the Alliance, we are an “alliance” of forces and not a strict hierarchy like the governance of the Horde.  Any rumours that I seek to seat myself as a totalitarian ruler over the rest are untrue.  I count the other leaders as my friends, so how could I ever rule over them?  If I made an effort like that, I risk losing my closest friends as allies, and if the Alliance were to be shattered we might as well just surrender to the Horde already.  No, that will not do.  It is true that we will be rallying our forces to fight back against the Horde, and while I might be the titular leader of the Alliance, I have no interest in ruling like a Warchief.  If I did, I would be no better than Garrosh.

Just a reminder to everyone that you can e-mail me at varian.wrynn@myself.com and I will try to reply as soon as possible.

DEATH TO DEATHWING! (Also, I like the new Darkmoon Faire) 6 December 2011

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GREAT NEWS, EVERYONE!  Deathwing has been defeated by a group of our Alliance heroes only a few days ago!  They ventured forth into his new domain and struck him down like the worthless worm he is, and his days of tormenting our lands will now be over.  No longer will innocent civilians perish to his fiery breath.  In recognition of their efforts, we have put part of his jaw up on display beside Stormwind Keep by the Eastern Earthshrine.  Please come by to check out the trophy from this heroic act, and congratulations to our heroes and my sincerest thanks to the Dragon Aspects for helping us in this time of need.  We are truly indebted to you for your help.  I’d also like to thank Thrall for helping out, though I am still conflicted about having assistance from the former Warchief of the Horde.  I wonder if he will remain with the Earthen Ring, now that his work regarding Deathwing and the elemental planes seems to have finished.

On another note, a couple of days ago I took the portal in Goldshire to visit the new iteration of the Darkmoon Faire.  You know, for years it had seemed rather lacking of amusement.  I mean, the best things you could do were either give Dark Iron Ale to a frog or hand in a lot of crafted materials.  Though, what else can you expect by a faire run by a Goblin?  Anyway, I really enjoyed the new games they have available to play.  My favourite was the Whack-a-Gnoll.  Did anyone else laugh when they noticed one of the gnoll puppets was Hogger?  I especially enjoyed whacking the stuffing out of him!

It’s time to kill Deathwing! 29 November 2011

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I hope everyone had a great Pilgrim’s Bounty last week.  I think I gained a good 5-10 pounds from all the food I ate!  However, I will burn it off quickly because this morning I received news that a portal to Deathwing’s lair has been found.  The time to strike is NOW!

Citizens of the Alliance, gather your arms and let’s strike at Deathwing now!  Let it be the Alliance who deals the final blow to Deathwing and not the Horde!  This Aspect of Death has been a thorn in our sides for too long, and no longer shall we endure him razing the countryside with his firey breath.  Go forth and bring Death to Neltharian once and for all!


Not another petition! 22 November 2011

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I’ve received yet another petition letter saying that the Defias Brotherhood should be paid for having rebuilt Stormwind, and that we wouldn’t have such problems in Moonbrook otherwise.  I’m getting sick and tired of getting letters like this so let’s get the record straight right now: I might be the King of Stormwind, but there are things that are even out of *my* control.  Unfortunately, finances are one of them.  It was not my decision to pay the Defias a fraction of what they were rightfully owed, it was the decision of the House of Nobles.  They are the main financiers of Stormwind and so if they do not pay, there isn’t much I can do to loosen the strings of their coinpurses.

Besides, it had been hoped after the death of Edwin VanCleef that the Brotherhood would disband and that would be the end of things.  Had we known he had a daughter, we would’ve taken steps to raise her to prevent any further troubles.  I keep getting word that Vanessa VanCleef has been defeated, but the Brotherhood is still going strong.  Either I have been misinformed about the former, or the latter are not so easily deterred.

I will need to have a chat with some of the SI:7 members to see if we can get some more accurate information into the current status of the Defias Brotherhood.  Some have said I should be more suspicious of SI:7 since Edwin learned his rogue talents from them, but I disagree.  It is not their fault that one of their own became a turncoat, and one bad apple does not necessarily mean the rest of the organization is treacherous.

Well, if it isn’t Garrosh Hellscream 15 November 2011

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By the Light, Garrosh Hellscream has a blog!  What is more, it’s on this same WordPress.com website.  DAMN IT!  I can’t even go into a virtual world without those damn orcs following along.  I’m surprised those animals can even use a computer, let alone use the Internet.  It even seems that he’s had the blog longer than I have.   Hmm..  Now I can’t help but wonder how long the House of Nobles has known about that blog before they decided to tell me about it.

The part that REALLY pisses me off is that he seems to have found out about my blog at the same time!  This cannot be a coincidence.  Someone in Stormwind Keep is a filthy, Horde-loving traitor.   Whoever you are, I WILL FIND YOU and if you love the Horde so much you can just go and JOIN THEM.  Scrub.

How to contact His Majesty King Varian Wrynn 10 November 2011

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Greetings, citizens of the Alliance!

In the event that you wish to contact His Majesty King Varian Wrynn for any reason, you may do so at the following e-mail address: varian.wrynn@myself.com

Any e-mails which reflect common questions or concerns shall be replied with a public post to the blog.  Thank you in advance and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


The Royal Herald

Some Delegates are Jerks 8 November 2011

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I haven’t written anything recently because I’ve been busy spending a week with a delegate from one of our contested regions.   I think the “delegate” might really have been a Twilight Hammer cultist so I made sure not to give them access to anything or anyone which might give away our militaristic plans.  The time to strike at Deathwing is getting close, I can feel it!

Anyway, while I was showing our “guest” around Stormwind Keep, Anduin stepped in the room wearing his priest robes and the delegate exclaimed, “What a nice daughter you have!  She certainly takes after her mother, doesn’t she?”


Why can people not see that?!  I didn’t say anything at the time but I must have been scowling because the moment the delegate turned back to me he cowered in fear.  I passed him off to one of my commanders and took my leave so that I wouldn’t do or say anything to ruin our meetings.  I was still in a grim mood at supper that evening, but the delegate was careful not to make any sudden outbursts again.

Damn you, Twilight’s Hammer! 24 October 2011

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The Night Elf Druid recently came back with Anduin.  It turns out the Twilight cultists attempted an assassination attempt on my son, IN MY OWN CITY!!  Furthermore, it turns out Major Samuelson was involved with them the whole time.  No wonder he didn’t discover any findings of cultist activity within Stormwind.  He was swiftly killed and I hope this serves as a lesson to others who might try to subvert our kingdom with their fringe views.  I am grateful that Andy is back safe, and I’m not going to let him out of my sight until I am certain this Twilight Cult danger has passed.  I thought we were done when many of our heroes went forth and vanquished their leader, Cho’gall.  However, it seems this has only been a set back as they are still going strong.

I was torn between imprisoning or congratulating the Night Elf for both endangering yet saving my son.  I had good reason to believe by this point that she was also part of the plot.  However, Anduin appealed for mercy, insisting that the Night Elf was acting upon his specific request to help her investigate.  I will trust Andy’s word, but I have still issued a notice for guards to keep an eye out for anything unusual.

When the NIght Elf had gone, I did ask Andy about the girl.  He said that she seemed rather indifferent to him the whole time, albeit respectful.  It’s for the best anyway, as she wasn’t a noble of any sort.  The House of Nobles would not stand for Anduin marrying a commoner, I’m sure, and I can’t risk a disruption in our political ranks during this mess.

You know, I can’t help but think I’ve had a day like this before…